About the System

STT (CAB) Power Ratings is a stat-and-trait-based rating tool that grades each crew on a set formula that considers stats, traits, arena abilities, collections, fusibility, and utility in cadet challenges to determine an overall “power level.”

Any changes to the formula will affect all crew – and will only be done if absolutely necessary.

A core feature of this system is that it will not need to be rebalanced as new crew are released to account for stat creep or changing skill combinations. More powerful crew released will have higher ratings than older crew. If we suddenly get a wash of MED/ENG cards, existing ones won’t have their scores reduced to compensate. The top rating just increases with stat creep.

Since there is no upper bounds in the ratings (better crew get higher numbers), there isn’t a score that equates what crew is “good.” As of this writing, an excellent Gold crew would probably rate greater than 14.5 Ov, or above 16 on Vo, Fa, or Ga. Check the Rank column to see how a particular crew compares with other crew at the same rarity level in any category.  The top scores are listed at the bottom of the unfiltered table. 

The formula for determining a rating is structured to produce a higher value for more overall utility, and not just give a high score for a crew that is particularly powerful in one small aspect of a category.

Each crew is rated in 3 categories:

  • Voyages (Vo): This rating considers all possible voyage pairs, combining Base and Average Proficiency. Each pair is totaled, weighting the Gold skill at .35, the Silver at .25, and the Tertiary at .1 (as a result, ENG/MED – for example – will have a different score than MED/ENG). All possible combinations are averaged, with extra weight given to the top two skill combinations. This result is then scaled down to the Power Rating.
  • Faction (Fa): This rating takes an average of the three bases, giving triple weight to the highest base and double weight to the second highest base. A bonus is given for crew that have an exceptionally high base score – the only two crew that have this bonus as of right now are Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy and Captain Tribble.
  • Gauntlet (Ga): The Gauntlet rating looks at the Max Proficiency across all skills, and weights the top two skills in the final number. Traits are considered here – but in a generic fashion, since the selection of triplets seems to be unpublished and can change at any time without warning. Crew with a greater probability of possibly getting a 65% crit will see an increase in score.

These three scores are combined to produce an Overall (Ov) rating, evaluating a crew’s general overall power in the game. Excluding bonuses (see below), Ov is weighted .45/.35/.20 (Fa/Vo/Ga).

In addition to the VoFa, and Ga scores, crew receive small bonuses to their Ov based on Collection Count (Co), number of Cadet Challenges the crew can be used in, if the crew can be Fused with a different crew, and if it has a Ship Ability that is particularly essential in one of the Arena Divisions (for example, Captain Killy’s 400% damage bonus ability at 6 seconds).

As with all such systems, this is just one way of looking at crew efficacy and should not be the only measure you use when deciding who to choose from a behold, who to cite, or who to pull out of the freezer.

Have more questions, or want to give feedback? Shoot me a message on the official game forums.